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exolab with magnitude.io

This unique classroom experience integrates learning across subjects using state-of-the-art technology and equipment to teach children science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills alongside essential 21st century skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, computational science and more. 


“I am thrilled with this project that will take us way beyond the classroom, literally into Space. It is the kind of project that takes learning to a higher level with exciting and inspiring engagement with real science in the real world.”  – Murray Gibbon, Principal of Claremont High School, Cape Town

cansat with magnitude.io

The CanSat makes STEM education exciting for teachers and students with a simulated satellite fitted into the volume of a common soft drink can. The curriculum comes with lesson plans and student labs in a modular format covering acceleration, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, magnetic fields, global positioning, mission hypothesis, data analysis, science writing and communication. Students will consider global challenges around Climate Change while using the CanSat to capture and analyse data from their school’s campus. Brought to us by Magnitude.io.

coding and robotics

The core concepts of coding and robotics introduce students to technology as creators rather than consumers. With accessible equipment such as the BBC’s Micro:bit, a pocket-sized programmable computer, everyone can learn to code. This platform inspires learners to be creative with technology and takes problem-solving to a new level.


I-Innovate offers an introduction to coding with Micro:bit for your classroom. Learning can continue throughout the year with numerous other of hands-on activities and programmes. We offer tools, kits and unique activities to leverage the capabilities of this dynamic tool for inventing, problem-solving, prototyping, and building proof of concept solutions for new ideas and inventions.

tinkering, making, creating

The global Maker Movement is bringing 21st century learning, engineering and problem-solving to children, families and schools around the world. This hands-on approach employs design thinking methodologies, encouraging learners to imagine, design, create, prototype, iterate and learn from failure, building creative confidence and perseverance to achieve their goals. 


We work with leading Maker organisations around the world, to bring the latest thinking, tools and equipment to your Maker Space or STE(A)M room. We will work with your team to customise a learning progression that works for you, based on your budget.